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Honourary Artistic Director: Emily Jeung
Artist: Kimberly O’Blenes
Athlete: Kim McRae

Upon meeting for the first time, Emily, Kimberly, and Kim learned that they have something in common: Healing. It is something that they have either all gone through, or are currently going through. For Emily, it is recovering from a concussion that she sustained while playing soccer. For Kimberly, it was the loss of her older sister, Gillian, to cancer just over one year ago. For Kim, it was recovering from a stress fracture in her back. To say that these girls have all had to stare adversity in the eye is an understatement.

The inspiration behind The Healing Horses is a collaborative effort between Emily, Kimberly, and Kim. Kimberly was tasked with the difficult challenge of melding Emily’s black/white preferences with her own bright and colourful style. What resulted was a transformational sky, moving from a black night sky, into a bright early-morning sunrise representing the colours of healing.

Photo Credit: Dave Holland, Canadian Sport Institute Calgary

Another interesting element of The Healing Horses project is that Emily is an accomplished artist herself, and the helmet represents the work of both Kimberly and Emily. While Kimberly was tasked with the labour intensive process of blending the colours of the sky on a round canvas, Emily did the honours or painting the horses. Horses were chosen as a symbol of strength – a very important aspect in each of their lives.

L to R: Emily Jeung, Kim McRae, Kimberly O'Blenes

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