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Today, with great excitement, we launched our latest Helmets for Heroes campaign along with the Canadian Luge Association. Together, we will be educating the broad community on traumatic brain injury awareness and the importance of helmet safety.

Members of the Canadian Luge team and their honorary artistic directors

Over the past three months, the seven members of Canada's World Cup luge team, along with seven local Calgary artists, collaborated with eight individuals from the local community living with traumatic brain injuries, to create unique and inspirational helmet designs for the athletes to wear for the 2015-16 competition season.

2015-16 Canadian Luge team sporting their inspirational new helmets

In addition to the powerful messaging behind the latest round of projects, Helmets for Heroes and the Canadian Luge team will be rolling out a series of humorous, yet powerful video vignettes shedding light on the importance of wearing helmets. With the hashtag #PutALidOnIt as the project theme, we will be leading the charge in creating a healthy and active, yet safer community.

To follow along and learn more about the inspiration and design of each of these incredible helmets, please check out our blog here. #PutALidOnIt

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