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Monique Sullivan, Kelsey Fraser and Joel

We are excited to announce that we currently have another one of our projects underway. This one will feature Monique Sullivan, one of Canada's top track cyclists. What is really unique about this project is that she will be wearing her uniquely painted helmet when she competes at the Pan-Am Games in Toronto in July.

It could just as easily be called Helmets From Heroes.

Because to luge racer Sam Edney, that’s precisely what Richard Flamenco is. Not a sports-front banner headline hero. Not a top-of-the-podium, bombing-down-the-track-at-140-km/h World Cup hero.

But a hero nonetheless.

Helmets for Heroes came to light after an experience Brad had back in the fall of '13. He was making a visit to the Alberta Children's Hospital where he met an incredibly inspiring young girl named Gillian O'Blenes-Kaufman. To (try) to make a long story short, this young lady had big dreams of one day becoming a ballet dancer in New York City, but instead, she was in the hospital battling osteosarcoma - the same type of cancer that Terry Fox lost his battle to.

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At Helmets for Heroes, we use art therapy to help children battling illness cope and heal. Our projects not only strengthen community, they raise funds and create awareness for charities.